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Why do I Use Adobe Lightroom to Edit Photos


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There are some who ask about the software I use to edit my photos. This is very surprising because according to a survey in America, 90% of professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos, and only 10% use Adobe Photoshop. Meanwhile, in Indonesia it seems the opposite, maybe even more extreme, namely 95% use Photoshop and only 5% use Lightroom.

There are many reasons why I like Lightroom, some of which are:

1. More Efficient or Save Time and Effort

Every time we do photo hunting, whether on a trip or an event, we usually take quite a lot of photos, sometimes tens or even hundreds of photos, therefore software that can edit photos quickly is needed. By using Lightroom, we don’t have to bother opening multiple photos and editing one by one like in Photoshop. We can monitor multiple photos at once, select photos and edit them.


Tips for Preparing Your Christmas Lights in the Home


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Christmas is a magical time of the year, therefore there must be good lights to see the magic. However, coming up with Christmas decoration ideas and implementing them is not easy. It is challenging, yet very rewarding. Here are tips on how to put up the Christmas lights in your home:

Prepare the Basics

Before putting up the Christmas lights, you have to put some things in place. for instance, you need to measure doors, window frames, columns, turns, and corridors, etc that will be lit. Also, you should locate the power sources. You need power for the lights to keep functioning. If you do not have a power supply for your outdoor decorations, you have to connect to the nearest socket indoors. Ensure the lights you are using are suitable for where you plan to put them. if you would be using them outdoors, they must be weatherproof.


Tips To Prepare Your Christmas Tree At Your House


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Christmas tree, an evergreen tree, is usually decorated with lights and ornaments and has become a significant part of Christmas festivities. Christmas trees can be fresh-cut, potted, or artificial and used as outdoor and indoor decorations. While the trees are traditionally associated with Christian symbolism, their modern use is mostly secular. 

Families have taken it a family ritual to put up the Christmas trees every year. It’s a symbolic time for bonding and having fun. Members of the family are offered a chance to decorate trees based on their level of creativity. Decorating the perfect Christmas tree with baubles, ornaments, and lights perfectly coordinated is a goal to achieve. 

Decorating a Christmas tree, however, is easier said than done. Decorating the home is a pride and joy, and the tree is the centrepiece of the home attention that comes the festive season. Families go ahead to select a …

Home Décor Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Winter


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It is that time of the year when the days get shorter and the nights are longer and colder. Outside is besieged by extremely terrible weather and if you do not prepare your home, it can be freezing as well. Here is how you prepare your home for winter:

Go for a Soft Look

Get a beautiful stone fireplace and stoke an open fire in the focal point of your living room. You can get your family to gather around the fireplace for warmth and comfort. you can add things like a rug and pale grey cushions to your room. Lick up the interior of your room with soft colours like pale green and antique items like an upholstered armchair, etc. You might want to get products for your home based on theme that you have chosen. You should read about Darlings of Chelsea to see if you can …

What are Some of the Must-have Kitchen Appliances for a Modern Kitchen?


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We all agree that the kitchen is the heart of every home as it is the place where you prepare delicious meals, wash the dishes, and store foods that you will eat at a later date. With the advancement in technology, we can now accomplish kitchen tasks faster. Kitchen appliances play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Due to financial constraints, most people are residing in small apartments where there is a need for space-saving appliances. Thanks to the compact appliance for offering space-saving kitchen appliances. However, you have to look at the reviews to know the previous customers’ complaints, experiences, success stories, and opinions. It will help you in deciding the appliances that are worth buying and the ones that are not. 

No kitchen can be complete without cutting tools. Toolstoday is offering the best cutting tools at reduced prices. But you should have a look at their …

5 Common Terms in Digital Marketing that You Need to Understand


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It is only natural for entrepreneurs to take advantage of technological developments to develop their business. One of them, technological developments are used for strategies, efforts, or business marketing tips. In recent years, many businesses have taken advantage of digital marketing in their marketing tips. However, of course before applying it, you as a businessman need to understand the terms contained in Digital Marketing.

Have you considered utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in your marketing campaign? Are you using keyword relevance to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results? Do you know what the Lookalike Audience feature is on the Facebook advertising platform? Are you optimizing your AdWords ranking by increasing your Quality Score?

These terms are familiar terms in the world of digital marketing in this century. In more detail, here are five terms commonly heard in the world of digital marketing that you need to know!

Artificial Intelligence

Boba Milk Tea Business, Current Trending Beverage Business


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If you want to run a trendy beverage business, just open the Boba Milk Tea business. This beverage business not only offers a delicious and refreshing taste but also many benefits.

The culinary business is a type of business that is not only run in a perfunctory and small scale but has become a promising business with a large turnover. Moreover, not a few artists who are involved in this business.

The beverage business is a very promising type of business considering Indonesia has a tropical climate. Therefore, the cold drink business is very suitable to run. Moreover, the capital required is also not large. To start a business make sure you have determined your target market, please visit the official website here lcs2

Choosing a Modern Beverage Business with Boba Milk Tea Business

One of the latest and trendy drinks is Boba Milk Tea. Opening a Boba Milk Tea …

How to Detect Microbial Contamination of Fuel?



Fuels are susceptible to contamination and spoilage due to various reasons. The easiest way to prevent fuel contamination and ensure its sound quality is regular fuel analysis from a reputed worldwide inspection services specialist.

Microbial contamination, water in the fuel tank, and corrosion are some of the most common fuel tank problems. If such issues are not dealt with in time, it can lead to a significant catastrophe. Microbial contamination or diesel bug can post a threat to the integrity of the fuel.

In this post, we will look into some early signs of microbial contamination of fuel. Knowing the symptoms will help you keep a check on the fuel and take timely action in case of any spoilage.  

#1 Water in the Oil Tank.

Most tank inspection services companies look for water in the oil to determine microbial contamination of the diesel. While water contamination in fuel tanks is …

Careful Tips on Renovating the Roof of a House Before the Rainy Season Arrives



Renovation of the roof is needed so that the house building remains sturdy. Roof renovations are needed regularly. Different types of roofs require different renovation. If you have trouble renovating the roof,  there are many services available for roof repair, for example, Southern Cross Roofing. In addition to expert roofing repairs, they also serve the best slate roof repairs Sydney at an affordable price.

Here  are 5 tips for renovating a roof:

1. Paying Attention to the Roof Slope

Generally, the shape of the roof is tilted to make the water flow of rain runs smoothly down the roof. So before renovating the roof, must pay attention to the slope of the roof angle first.

2. Clean the Gutter

The gutters are often dirty due to the tree leaves that are planted around the house. Leaves on the roof are making rainwater unable to walk through the gutters. Try to …

Minimalist Home Design With These 9 Tips!


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Increasingly limited land makes homes smaller, or often referred to as minimalist homes, becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, minimalist home designs are in demand by the public. However, that does not mean that small-sized houses are uncomfortable living. If you know tips and tricks for creating minimalist home designs, it’s easy to make your home more attractive.

There are nine tips to make your small home feel more comfortable, spacious, and look modern:

1. Maximize the Existing Space

Placing unnecessary objects in the house will only make the house narrower.

You can try to use a wall shelf to store books rather than a desk, or a TV rack that clings to the wall rather than an old model TV set that takes up space in your home.

2. Avoid excessive room divider

Creating a room divider must be considered when creating a minimalist home design. All you have to remember …