5 Ceramic Motifs That You Can Choose to Brighten the Room
on 09/08/2019

Minimalist house is indeed the choice of the city dwellers. Limited space and saving expenses are the reasons why minimalist homes are a favorite of those who live in urban areas. To get around the narrow house is needed special tricks so that the minimalist house seems spacious. One way is to choose the ceramic motif that will be used. Motif ceramic flooring in addition to beautifying the room can also give a broad impression on your dwelling. you can find thousands of other inspirational and trusted interior designs at Indoor Tiles Australia.

Ceramic motifs and the texture itself have several kinds that can be adjusted to the needs of your home. Ceramic motifs with a rough texture suitable for use in the bathroom because it is not slippery so it is safe if you wash water. Another case with kitchen wall ceramic motifs, fine ceramic motifs such as marble or with unique patterns you can put there. In addition to beautifying, ceramics on the kitchen wall also makes it easy to clean when finished cooking.

How, have you been thinking by what kind of ceramic motifs you would choose for your home? For maximum results, Enjoy exploring to decorate your home!

How do you choose ceramic motifs to give a broad impression on a minimalist home? Check out the following tips:

  1. Bright colors for narrow space ceramic motifs

One thing to get around the minimalist home is the selection of bright colors. Ceramic motifs with bright colors can give a roomy impression on a narrow room. In addition to ceramic motifs, try not to spread the carpet on it so that the room does not seem crowded.

  • Natural impression for bathroom ceramic motifs

Not only prioritizing the aesthetic side, but safety is also one of the main conditions in the selection of bathroom floor ceramic motifs. For the bathroom, ceramic floor motifs can be chosen that have a rough texture with embossed on all parts. This is intended so that the surface of the bathroom floor is not slippery.

So that it is not monotonous, you can play with the bathroom floor tile motif which indirectly becomes your neat bathroom decor. You can choose ceramic motifs from the bathroom floor with natural shades such as arising rocks or typical wooden strokes. The rough texture on the bathroom floor tile motif, not only makes it safe but also presents a distinctive feel of nature.

Another floor is also the bathroom wall. Bathroom wall tile motifs you can explore further, both in terms of color, pieces, to texture. You can choose ceramic bathroom wall motifs with smooth marble texture. Ceramic wall tiles not only make your bathroom lively but also make it easier for you to clean the bathroom because of its smooth surface.

  • Color play for kitchen ceramic motifs

Being one of the rooms frequented by residents of the house makes the kitchen must always display the best appearance. If your kitchen space is limited, you can play on ceramic kitchen motifs with bright color choices or to suit family tastes.

Inspired by contemporary restaurants in big cities, ceramic kitchen motifs can use contemporary motifs with irregular images but still with the same color. Contemporary ceramic motifs are usually available in various sizes, but the most often found is a 40 x 40 cm floor ceramic motif.

In addition to supporting the appearance of the kitchen, kitchen ceramic motifs on this floor can be used as a room divider between the living room and kitchen.

  • Elegant colors on the porch ceramic motif

Although sometimes less attention is paid to, it turns out that porcelain ceramic motifs are also important. Welcoming guests who will enter the house, porch ceramic motifs can be the first impression of the guests who come to your house. Indeed, usually, porch ceramic motifs are always equated with ceramic motifs in other rooms. However, it does not hurt if you play a little ceramic motif on the porch of your home.

Porch ceramic motifs are usually chosen for soil or natural colors because of its location that is outside and exposed to the immediate environment. Ceramic motifs with wooden, stone or marble designs have always been a popular choice.

Not only ceramic on the floor, to create a different and similar impression, you can also install ceramics on the outside walls of the house. The outer wall ceramic motif is usually chosen one level brighter than the porch floor ceramic motif. So as not to overdo it, you can adapt the color of the outer wall tiles to the color play. Starting from the gradations or even color blocks you can choose as an outer wall ceramic motif. Any color you can use, as long as the ceramic wall motif is in line with the color of the porch ceramic motif.

  • Luxurious impression on the living room’s ceramic motifs

In the living room, you can play even bolder. For example, by presenting luxury and elegance. Not only from the selection of furniture, but you can also decorate the living room with a game of ceramic motifs. Living room ceramic motifs are usually chosen with bright colors like white or slightly yellowish. But the difference is the ceramic motifs that are applied.

For a luxurious impression, you can choose a ceramic living room motif with a marble or marble impression. The game of gradations of marble colors in the living room’s ceramic motifs can bring the impression of luxury and elegance to your room. If you want a simple living room, the living room ceramic motif you can choose is plain ceramic with just one color.

By paying attention to the tips above, your minimalist home can feel spacious even if you only play on ceramic motifs. Not only the wide impression obtained, but ceramic motifs can also indirectly make your home lively and not boring.