5 Proven Tips to Make Your Christmas Tree Last
on 27/09/2021

O Christmas tree

O Christmas tree

Thy leaves are so unchanging

This goes the lyrics of a famous Christmas poem. Do the leaves on your Christmas tree remain unchanging or do they wilt so quickly? Christmas is such a beautiful holiday to celebrate. You’d get to spend time with your loved ones, share gift items and eat tasty food. What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? Sure, that’s not the essence of this holiday, but it makes it even more special!

If you like to get your tree early before Christmas to decorate on time, you’d naturally be worried about whether it’ll last long or not. There are things you need to make sure to do to prevent the death of your Christmas tree. These include:

1.     Buy an Artificial Tree

Now, if you don’t mind buying an artificial tree for Christmas, this would be best if you’re looking to have a tree that’ll last for an extended period. Artificial trees have their benefits and disadvantages. You don’t have to be worried about being allergic to pines, wilting of the tree, and the cost of maintenance, for starters. Although you don’t get the fresh smell of a cut tree. On ReviewsBird.com, you’ll find various store reviews and online shopping experiences from different people who have bought Christmas trees in the past.

2. Buy a Vibrant Tree

Make sure to ask the vendor where the trees were grown and the time it was cut. Trees cut weeks before being bought don’t last as long as freshly cut trees. Next, examine the tree to see if it can stand the test of time. The pine needles in the tree branches should be soft and have a deep beautiful green color. Already dried-out trees are less attractive and seem to have a pale appearance.

The weight of a tree can also be used to determine the longevity of a plant. Healthier trees retain more water; this makes the plant heavier and generally stays fresh for a long while.

3. Put the Tree in Water Immediately after Purchase

Your tree can start drying outright from where you bought it. If you’ve not decided where to put it yet, place the plant in a large bucket filled with water. The more the tree can absorb water, the slimmer its chances of drying out. Be sure to do this before decorating your tree.

4. Don’t Keep Your Tree by the Fireplace

The fireplace and other heat sources such as heaters will dry out your tree, making it lose more water than you even water it. Contrary to what you may think, direct sunlight does more harm than good. There are certain parts of the day you should protect your tree from sunlight- when the sun is scorching. Lowering your thermostat can also help slow down the drying process.

5.      Recycle!

Nothing is truly dead or lost when it is recycled. It takes about five weeks for a healthy tree to dry out. When this happens, you can cut the trees and leaves and put them around the plants in your garden. This is known as mulching. You can also add them to your compost bin to decompose and serve as nutrients for your garden.

A tree will always be a tree. This means it’ll surely die at some point, except you’re using an artificial tree. Follow these tips above to make your tree last longer than it usually would. When your tree dies, you can let it serve as a form of natural fertilizer for your garden.