The Nanoscience of Adhesives


home improvement

Research has demonstrated that builders are increasingly turning to structural adhesives over more traditional fixings to make joins in their projects. With advances in technology, these adhesives now contain nanoparticles, which significantly increase the strength of the bond.

The Advantages of Adhesive

Traditional building techniques use fixings to join to substrates together. For example, if you were to join two pieces of metal, this would be done by means of a bolt or rivet. This involves making a hole in both substrates and feeding a small piece through. This has two disadvantages:

•       The hole weakens the structure of the metal.
•       The bolts or rivets add weight to the project, which can have a knock-on effect to costs and the performance required from other design elements.

When using an adhesive, it isn’t necessary to make any holes. Adhesives themselves are lighter, which can lead to overall cost savings for …