How To Choose Your Home Decor Color Theme
on 01/06/2021

Any interior designer can testify to the power of color to remodel your room, even if it’s a bold accent wall or a painted ceiling. We wanted to seek guidance from top designers and color experts because selecting the right color for your space can be difficult.

What colors will be the most common in homes? Here are the top colors to incorporate into your area in the coming year, from rich, moody hues to sophisticated neutrals. Read helpful reviews on US-reviews. Here are some exciting tips you can follow to pick the best for yourself

·       Pick a color scheme from space’s most prominent pattern.

Pick colors you want from the pattern if you have patterned upholstery, an Oriental rug, or a big piece of artwork. Look to the pattern’s whites and beiges for a neutral wall paint color. If it’s brown, you can check reviews to find brown bedroom furniture stores.

·       Begin with the house’s formal areas.

Start with the living room, dining room, and entryway, in particular. Please select a color scheme for those areas first, then choose one color from it. Take the red sofa, for example, and tone it down (say, to burgundy) for a more private space like the den, office, or bedroom.

·       Decorate your room from dark to bright.

Use darker color for the floor, medium color values for the walls, and light weights for the ceiling is a “cookbook” way to make any space look good without much risk.

Every interior room replicates the outside world. The external atmosphere is darker under our feet (the earth), medium-valued straight ahead (buildings/trees), and lighter values skyward.

·       Examine the color of your clothing.

The majority of people purchase clothing in colors that they enjoy wearing and believe they look good in. In the same way, you should decorate your rooms in colors that make you feel good. Don’t have a yellow sofa if you don’t wear yellow; You’re going to have a sickly appearance on it.”

·       Make use of the color wheel.

Analogous color schemes, which are next to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and green, are more relaxed and soothing, and they fit better in informal or private spaces. This is an excellent technique for a bedroom where you want to relax and recuperate.

A famous designer recommends that you have something black in every room, regardless of the color scheme you choose. He claims that “the black clarifies all of the other colors in the room.” A black lampshade, a black picture frame, or a black vase are all excellent options.

·       Use the 60-30-10 law.

When decorating a room, divide the colors into 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color. The bulk of the paint will come from the walls, the upholstery will be the secondary color, and the remainder will come from accessories like a flower arrangement or throw pillows. It works!”. The colors are well-balanced, and there’s a splash of color (the 10% color) to keep things interesting.

·       Keep the architecture in mind.

If you have a small room in your home, don’t try to make it look larger by painting it white. Instead, use a rich, warm color scheme to complement its architecture. Allow light to fill your large rooms and your small rooms to cover you up and nurture you.

·       Stick to your style.

Others will admire your decor because it is you, even though they will never decorate their own home in the same way. That is to say, go ahead and paint every room in your house red, white, and blue. Any color can be nice as long as it is to your taste.