Italian Design Middle Pte Ltd
on 11/12/2016

While you desire a chic bag that has the appear and feel of real Italian designer style, there’s nothing like a Gucci purse. From the collaboration with Vico Magistretti, who designed Nathalie, an icon of the history of the trendy bed, due to acclaimed designers Flou has continued to expand its assortment, combining elegance, wellness and high quality of life.

Our professionals have an excessive fame of making high quality work spaces and retail environments, turning the italian model” into interior design, starting from a rigorous understanding of company necessities and of their relationship with the selected buildings.Italian Design

Apart from industrial design and furniture, Italy is also influential when it comes to in terms of designing vehicles. Vico Magistretti was an Italian industrial designer, generally known as a furniture designer and architect. Then they pour out the recipe for the new car design and provides it to the automotive designers.Italian Design

The father of contemporary Italian design. The model was extraordinarily provokative and kitsch and it became in a number of time the guiding fashion of the new Italian design. “Of course, for as we speak’s aspiring young designers, it isn’t simple to create new types from beneath the burden of this great legacy.Italian Design

The voices of the protagonists to emphasise the uniquenesses of design of our country: on this idea In Italy is predicated, the multimedia app and platform which incorporates sixty four histories of Italian companies, describing their creativity and fervour relative to the delivery of a furniture piece, but in addition the long-standing artisanal tradition and the cultural influences.