What Do You Need to Do as a Content Creator to Make a Podcast Stand Out?
on 26/01/2018

You really do need to find your niche – the voice that is all yours if you are going to do your research correctly and establish a clear message. People tend to dip in and out of podcasts but if they find something interesting and useful to them, they are going to stay invested – it really comes down to them viewing you as a voice they can trust.

From a logistical point of view, make sure you have high production values. Paying a little for a semi-professional kit can really be worthwhile. If people are going to use their time to listen to you and your voice, you really should make sure the production is of high-quality!

Is it necessary for marketers to take notice of the opportunity podcasts offer via product placement and sponsorship? Most certainly it is – this is an area that has hardly been tapped into and consumers tend to be very accepting of it. Consumers are not strangers to hearing messages from sponsors, and commercial podcasts are something they tend to be very aware of.

If you, as a company, can get yourself involved with a podcaster who can show a good following and who already has gained trust, you can quickly get your brand’s message across. There is so much more impact in a real voice than print, so this is the chance to really take your marketing to the next level. Consumers are drawn in by the power of sound – the story of a brand can be projected in a much more powerful way than the typical and traditional forms of marketing.

For building brand awareness on a medium scale, podcasts are a dream. That being said, when you are a B2C business, how can you monetise podcasts and make sure they are having a real impact on your profits? NRG Digital can help you with video and audio production, but you still need a concrete plan.

One simple way to accomplish this, and a way we have used at Wellness with Liz Earle, is when you take a link and then embed content within the podcast. We used this recently in a podcast where I had Dr Rebecca Lewis, a GP and menopause expert present during an episode that was sponsored by Regelle and we had great success.

In keeping with this, seeing how many downloads there are and the number of people that listen to a podcast to the end is easy to see. Hence you can quickly determine the size of the audience that can be reached with your message.

In what ways can marketers make sure that podcasts are in line with wider activity and ensure integration over all channels? For example, their product launches and social media campaigns.

It is very easy to integrate podcasts into media campaigns since they are so easy to share and highly linkable. It is easy to add to your social media platforms shortened links to your podcast, as just one example. In addition, scan codes can be placed in magazines. In Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine, we put a scan code by any appropriate article which means that the person reading the feature can then immediately listen to or download the podcast if they wish to. Podcasts can play a significant role in getting a brand to be multi-media in a quick timeframe.

Podcasts can be looked at as being one-way. In what ways can content creators create interaction with their audience? Podcasting allows for such engagement. Some brands may decide it is a good idea to have their own podcasts and invite speakers, while other brands could gain a wider audience by appearing as guests on other podcasts or by providing sponsorship for podcasts.

Podcasting provides a great way for brands to get their message across since it is a relatively new medium and new relationships are always being created within such early stages of growth. These relationships can go on to become very influential. It is my firm belief that we are now in the perfect time period to look at podcasting and integrating it into our marketing plans for the upcoming year.