12 Real Estate Marketing Tips for Selling Your Home Fast
on 11/05/2018

By: Gary & Anna Sattler

The goal of listing a home in the real estate market, be it you are an estate agent or a homeowner, is to sell it in the shortest time possible and for the best price.

More often than note, the sale is fastest when it has people working as a team that pulls all stops to ensure all the bases are covered for the success of the sale. In short, it is about working with other sellers or real estate agents.

Below are the steps to take when transacting in the real estate market that can dramatically increase the odds of closing the sale as quickly as possible and with less hassle.

1. Price It Right

The price tag plays a significant role in selling a home. The wrong price can have a negative impact on every other measure taken to ensure a fast sale. Keep in mind that the correct pricing goes hand-in-hand with choosing the right estate agent. The best real estate agents have a few tricks up their sleeves that can help you determine the best price for your property.

2. Research and Interview Multiple Estate Agents

Find several reputable real estate agents in your town. Research them to narrow your options to two or three that you will interview to determine the best candidate for the job.

3. Take Your Search Online

With the digital dispensation, it makes little or no sense for season experts in various industries not to have an online presence. The best plays in the real estate market will strive to have a top-notch website as part of their marketing arsenal.

4. Get References

You can get several reputable references from colleagues, neighbours, and relatives who have worked with an excellent real estate agent.

5. Find Out the Estate Agent’s Track Record

Does the estate agent you pick sell all the home they list and how fast? Also, what is the price regarding the listing and sale ration? The answers to these questions will help you know if you are dealing with one of the best agents in the business.

6. How Does the Estate Agent Market Properties?

The objective is to know the various marketing strategies the real estate agent will use for your home, be it online or offline. External resources and services offered by professional property marketing providers like floorplansUsketch are highly effective methods which all estate agents should incorporate in their strategy.

7. Look at the Listing Descriptions

Check out the descriptions the estate agent used when listing your home. They should be well done and have a marketable illustration of your property.

8. Exquisite Photo of the Home

Buyers want some image of the properties they find interesting thus you should take high-resolution pictures of your home from different angles. Clear images significantly increase the chances of a sale. Consider taking aerial photos that also show the neighbourhood; you can use a drone for this.

9. A Video Tour Helps

A video showcasing the interior of the house as well as the outdoor space can be a tool with high convincing power. It can be done as a slideshow with short but concise narratives of every section of the home. The video will be an inexpensive but highly effective marketing resource if you are keen on making a quick sale.

10. Make Use of Social Media

Much of this should be done by the estate agent though you also can help things along if you market your property on your social media accounts. You will significantly extend the reach thus increasing the number of potential buyers.

11. Create an Exceptional Brochure

The marketing strategy should include the use of outstanding marketing material. Avoid working with real estate agents who are comfortable with black and white multi-listing sheet. The best player in the real estate marketing industry knows the power behind colourful prints such as brochures.

12. Use Professional Mailings

Regarding the use of print marketing, the use of postcards can be an efficient addition to the marketing antics employed by the estate agent to get the word out.

From the above information, it is evident that the quick sale of a home and at the best price is a combination of having the best real estate agent and getting it right with the marketing right from the start.