How to Detect Microbial Contamination of Fuel?



Fuels are susceptible to contamination and spoilage due to various reasons. The easiest way to prevent fuel contamination and ensure its sound quality is regular fuel analysis from a reputed worldwide inspection services specialist.

Microbial contamination, water in the fuel tank, and corrosion are some of the most common fuel tank problems. If such issues are not dealt with in time, it can lead to a significant catastrophe. Microbial contamination or diesel bug can post a threat to the integrity of the fuel.

In this post, we will look into some early signs of microbial contamination of fuel. Knowing the symptoms will help you keep a check on the fuel and take timely action in case of any spoilage.  

#1 Water in the Oil Tank.

Most tank inspection services companies look for water in the oil to determine microbial contamination of the diesel. While water contamination in fuel tanks is …