5 Common Terms in Digital Marketing that You Need to Understand


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It is only natural for entrepreneurs to take advantage of technological developments to develop their business. One of them, technological developments are used for strategies, efforts, or business marketing tips. In recent years, many businesses have taken advantage of digital marketing in their marketing tips. However, of course before applying it, you as a businessman need to understand the terms contained in Digital Marketing.

Have you considered utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in your marketing campaign? Are you using keyword relevance to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results? Do you know what the Lookalike Audience feature is on the Facebook advertising platform? Are you optimizing your AdWords ranking by increasing your Quality Score?

These terms are familiar terms in the world of digital marketing in this century. In more detail, here are five terms commonly heard in the world of digital marketing that you need to know!

Artificial Intelligence

Boba Milk Tea Business, Current Trending Beverage Business


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Choosing a Modern Beverage Business with Boba Milk Tea Business

One of the latest and trendy drinks is Boba Milk Tea. Opening a Boba Milk Tea …