Best Freight Forwarding, DHL Express, Transdirect, ANC Delivery, or SPH Courier?
on 07/02/2019

The growing number of businesses selling online, also followed by more and more types of freight services in Melbourne. Currently more and more Melbourne courier companies, ranging from DHL Express, Transdirect, ANC Delivers, Fastway Couriers to SPH, Rides and many more. Tips this time, we will review how to choose the best freight forwarding service in Melbourn specifically for Online Shop Products and based on the experience of our current clients.

• Choose a shipping service that has a Service Range Delivery of the most complete items to remote villages, specifically for shipping products to certain customers. Based on our experience, the Post Office Network has proven to be present everywhere in every sub-district in Melbourne, providing convenience, comfort and solutions delivery of goods to remote areas well. However for fast inter-city shipments, currently DHL Express, Transdirect, ANC Delivers and SPH compete quite tightly, although basically all Shipping Services provide various services “, even that day can be delivered when in the same city as using Special Services from SPH.

• Be sure to choose to provide a guaranteed Insurance Delivery of special items such as glassware, valuables or items that are easily damaged, there is no problem if you have to incur additional costs for insurance as long as the products we send can safely reach the buyer in good condition.

• Check whether the Shipping Service provides easy Tracking services as well as complaints or returns on goods well, this will be obtained when it has jumped directly, often sending goods, so that it can distinguish which is difficult to track which Delivery Service provides detailed information about the products sent, so we can provide complete information to the buyer about the items we have sent.

• Choose a Shipping Service with Customer Service that is easy to contact, do not let the wrong choice that is difficult to contact when there are obstacles in the shipping process, very dangerous because it will reduce the mistrust of buyers if we cannot take care of products that are sent properly.

• Occasionally, choose a freight forwarder that can send and receive goods on Holidays. This is very important to give the best satisfaction to our customers, so that when goods are sent Saturday for example, the goods will arrive on Sunday or Monday afternoon in the hands of the buyer. Cool, right? Well. one who provides Shipping and Processing Services for Shipments on Holidays is SPH.

Which is the best shipping service

Every freight forwarder has its own advantages so we cannot say which is the best among the many shipping services in Melbourne.

Our advice is, never rely on just one freight forwarding service, for the initial stage you can try everything to later be able to classify according to your request or location of your existing consumer.

For example, when we are faced with consumers in remote areas and are difficult to reach by shipping services to remote villages, choose a shipping service that has an agent branch to all parts of Melbourne.

However, when for example there are consumers who want goods to arrive at their house instantly or they request another shipping service, never send using a shipping service outside the buyer because if there is a problem in the shipping process, the product is late or something else, we will hit by the stone itself.

If we ignore the factor requesting a shipping service by the buyer, this is a very dangerous thing, because buyers will give up shopping online at our place again, they will immediately look for and switch to other reliable selling places.

In essence, we must provide the best delivery service to the maximum for all buyers, from packing to shipping, so that we can provide the best for our customers. Congratulations on selling online, hopefully useful tips for choosing the best shipping service in Melbourne.