Types of Surface Coatings on Asphalt


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In road construction, the road does not only consist of one kind of layer. Among them, there are rigid, flexible, or composite layers. The pliable layer also consists of various layers. The layers here are the layers that are often used.

The following types of surface coatings are:

A. Asphalt Concrete Layer

Asphalt Concrete or tarmac layers are a layer on road construction consisting of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler, and hard asphalt, which are mixed, spread, and compacted in a hot state at a certain temperature.

Laston consists of three layers, namely:

  1. Asphalt Concrete-Wearing Course (AC-WC).
  2. Asphalt Concrete – Binder Course (AC-BC)
  3. (Asphalt Concrete-Base or AC-Base)

For more details, see the image below.

B. Macadam Penetration Layer

Macadam Penetration Layer is a pavement layer consisting of principal aggregate with uniformly graded locking aggregate which is bound by asphalt by spraying it over the main aggregate and compacting it layer …

5 Common Terms in Digital Marketing that You Need to Understand


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It is only natural for entrepreneurs to take advantage of technological developments to develop their business. One of them, technological developments are used for strategies, efforts, or business marketing tips. In recent years, many businesses have taken advantage of digital marketing in their marketing tips. However, of course before applying it, you as a businessman need to understand the terms contained in Digital Marketing.

Have you considered utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in your marketing campaign? Are you using keyword relevance to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results? Do you know what the Lookalike Audience feature is on the Facebook advertising platform? Are you optimizing your AdWords ranking by increasing your Quality Score?

These terms are familiar terms in the world of digital marketing in this century. In more detail, here are five terms commonly heard in the world of digital marketing that you need to know!

Artificial Intelligence

How To Keep A Garden Pond Ecosystem In Balance?


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Many property owners choose to build a garden pond to enhance their outdoor space. However, they don’t always have a good understanding of this ecosystem. A garden pond is not intended to be just another part of a garden. It is meant to support aquatic life like marine plants and fish, turtles and birds.
A lot of time is required with the hobby of managing aquatic plants. Some plants are necessary in strengthening the ecosystem, and other plants may begin to invade that are not of any use, sometimes even a distraction to a pond’s ecosystem.
Of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t maintain the growth of specific plants, such as, cattails and many other coastline species. These plants should not be allowed to grow indiscriminately as they might expand and invade the perimeter of your pond.
There are solutions like there are many products that you can …

4 Important Steps Before Hiring a Plumber


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Incidents of “clogged drains” or “clogged toilet cubicles” have almost been felt by everyone. The causes are also different. Some are clogged due to piles of kitchen and food waste, tissue or sanitary pads thrown into the toilet, and the amount of hair covering the PVC pipe.

Whatever the reason, anyone will feel upset when the drains in the house are blocked. Because the activity in the restroom becomes disrupted. Also, standing water can become a den of harmful bacteria and insects, one of which is the Aedes Aegepti mosquito which is the cause of dengue fever.

If the condition of the blocked drains in your house is still relatively mild, you can use fire soda to relaunch the partially blocked drains. Because it is alkaline, caustic soda can destroy the clogged garbage in the water channel.

However, if the water channel is completely blocked where the water cannot flow …