Five Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Server Room


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It is where your internal equipment meets your connectivity to the external world. Where the cables connecting safety equipment, security equipment, wireless, conference, telephones, printers, servers, and PC all come together. You may call it your equipment room, server room, network room, data room, a telecommunications room, or – when following the BISCI guidelines – your telecommunications space. No matter what you call it, your room deserves significant attention and planning. Data centre design services can help, so consider getting their services.

A well-planned telecommunication area can provide the following benefits to your company:

1. a dedicated area for your data and voice equipment
2. sufficient and efficient workspace for troubleshooting and for completing changes, adds, or moves
3. adequate temperature and space for supporting equipment over its lifespan
4. easy to adapt for future requirements and growth
5. additional security layer for mission-critical equipment

The location and quantity of …