Five signs that you should replace your windows
on 22/12/2018

Unlike diamonds, windows aren’t forever. If you’ve had the same frames and glazing for a while then it may be time to think about upgrading your windows, or replacing single with double glazing. Here are the five sure-fire signs that your windows need replacing.

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Steamy windows

If your bugbear is foggy windows then there are some DIY tips you can try before replacing your windows. However, if you have older style double glazing with a gas leak you may want to upgrade to higher energy rated air-filled units.

Bigger bills

If your energy bills are through the roof and climbing, it’s time to think about cutting them. After all, an estimated 41% of household expenditure goes on warming your home. Older single glazed windows are inefficient and can actually raise your energy consumption, so now’s the time to install double glazed windows Dublin homes will benefit from.

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Weakened wood

Wood frames, in particular, are prone to weakening over time. Withstanding years of weather can lead to general deterioration, however durable and reliable the wood. If that’s the case, your window frames can start to shrink and let in draughts and moisture. Use the simple touch test to see whether they need replacing – if the wood feels spongy or soft, find a quality company like and get the job done professionally.

Cracks and damage

They say the windows are the eyes of your home, but if they’re cracked and broken your home will lack kerb appeal. If you’re thinking of selling in the near future, replacing damaged windows or even upgrading to double glazing is a proven way to add value to your home. With energy bills always on the increase, potential buyers are looking to keep their running costs to a minimum, so give them a helping hand with new windows.

Home security

Even durable and ultra-secure uPVC frames can be susceptible to damage from extreme weather. Older windows are more easily compromised by storm damage and then become a security risk, making it easier for a thief to breach your home defences. If you want to keep your property safe and secure, have your older glazing units replaced with the best you can afford. You’ll appreciate the benefits of lower energy bills, a more attractive home and peace of mind security.