Here are 7 Paving Block Variations that You Can Use
on 02/08/2021

Paving block or resin gravel surfacing with various variations generally for outdoor use, is a floor decoration technique for more attractive, elegant and beautiful results. Concrete on paving blocks can be present in different motifs and patterns, according to imagination for the most attractive garden landscape. If you are looking for the best paving block ideas, let’s just look at 7 variations of paving blocks that you can try directly at your home or property.

Imaginative Symmetrical Patterns

By playing the perfect symmetrical pattern, paving blocks can appear to steal the attention of everyone who passes by. The natural colors of paving blocks that are often combined are usually gray and red bricks that are sturdy and neat when installed on the home page, road or vehicle parking lot. This combination of patterns can be presented according to taste too, without any limits without your imagination as the designer.

Interlocking Paving Block

The standard appearance of paving blocks that is already common is a form of interlocking that interlocks between one paving block and another paving block. So that the paving block looks more beautiful, you can choose the side of the paving block that has threads that are not stiff like ordinary paving blocks. As a result, a more attractive floor design pattern is created as a whole.

Paving Block Pattern With Green Grass

This specific paving block application is a combination of concrete paving blocks with soil where beautiful green grass grows. The appearance of paving blocks is often found in the outdoor part of the garden so that a landscape work that is more straightforward and blends perfectly with the presence of an evenly distributed green garden.

Beautiful Circle Paving Block Outside

The beautiful circular paving block shape is also one of the paving block patterns that is quite a favorite, especially for the front of the house or gathering place. There is a focused impression that makes circular paving blocks have their own beauty and can be presented as a variation of paving blocks that are different from other square shapes.

Bright Color Front of the House

Although often available in standard colors such as gray and brick red, paving blocks can also appear full of color innovations such as the inspiration for the paving block variations above. The general way of coloring paving blocks is to use special paints that are waterproof and anti-skid. Painting paving blocks can also be done individually in order to produce floor works that are unique, attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Attractive Modern Paving Block Installation

This all-attractive paving block is designed as a landscape unit full of decorative accents. Starting from the main uniform motif in the form of a four-sided braid marked with a small black paving block in the middle for a perfect paving block.

Simple But Still Interesting

Prefer a minimalist style, including the appearance of paving blocks for your home? Just try this paving block inspiration with a style that is not complicated but still looks beautiful thanks to the color game and creative concrete brick arrangement. The use of yellow on paving blocks seems to contrast with the dominant natural color, but gives it a unique uniqueness that is interesting and different from the others.

Those are some variations of paving blocks that you can use at home. Adjust it to the exterior style of the house so that the elements look more harmonious.