How Do You Manage The Lawn at a Vacation Villa?
on 18/02/2019

anaging the lawn at a vacation villa is very important because you must create a beautiful spectacle that your clients will enjoy. People who rent with you are expecting to see a gorgeous place that will make them feel like they are in a fantasy land. The fantasy land that you are creating should include flowers, herbs, and grass. You need to have everything manicured as much as possible, and you should find a company that can help you with these things.

1. Flowers

The flowers that you are looking for should offer colors that balance the lawn with the house. The flowers are perfect for people to pick and put on the tables in the house, or you could grow something special on this property because it is still yours. You could have a lovely rose bush that people might fall in love with, or you could put in some flowers that are unique to the area. You must make the lawn look magical as your guests try to figure out what these flowers are.

2. Grass

You need to have green grass that is trimmed just right. You can have the grass trimmed every week, and you should make sure that they have fertilized so that the grass will stay as green as possible. The green color of the lawn is the perfect backdrop for the house, and the green grass will make the flowers look even better. That is why you need to have a lawn management company because they can aerate, fertilize, and cut the lawn while also edging around the property to perfection.

3. The Hedges

You should have your hedges trimmed and cut in a way that will make them look like shapes that complement the house. You should have the lawncare company cut out a shape that you will fall in love with, and you must have them grow out the hedges for as long as needed to create a nice style. You could have tall topiaries grown on the property, or you could have boxy hedges that are flanking the front door.

4. The Lawn care Plan

The lawn care plan that you have should allow you to save money, have someone come to the house at the same time every week, and care for the lawn in the way that you have asked. Remember that you can ask them to tend the flowers, trim the hedges, and even cut back tree branches. The lawn care plan can drop in price if there is not much to do, or you could have the lawn care plan set up for aeration, fertilizer, and watering that is required. The company could put in sod for you, or they might fertilize throughout the summer so that you have the greenest grass possible.

5. How Long Does Lawn care Take?

The lawn care that you have selected does not take that much time, and you must ask the company if they can arrive before your tenants show up for their trip. You could adjust the schedule so that they are done before the vacationers show up, and the people who have rented from you will smell the freshly-cut grass that makes them want to stay.

6. Conclusion

There are many people who will want to own and manage vacation villas. You can rent to people who want to soak up the weather in your area, and you must have a lawn care plan that is cheap enough to make it worth your money. This plan should plant flowers, keep the grass green, and provide you with a simple way to manage your property when you are not there.

Author Bio : Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves to write about gardens.