How to Build a Team without Breaking Down Mentally
on 21/10/2019

Each organization or company consists of people who have different personalities. Each individual has the character that distinguishes it from the other. However, the character differences between individuals in the organization or the company are not barriers to establishing strong cooperation to achieve the objectives of the company. It is precisely the difference that makes cooperation more solid because each individual gets the part of his work by his personal and ability. This is called the work team. However, what is the foundation that can build teamwork? The foundation is called Team building. If the team building is solid, then the teamwork is also solid.

Solid or not the teamwork in an organization depends on team building. For that, it takes a strong bounce to build a team building activities to keep it solid. Team building will be formed in each character of teamwork who is the executive of all processes to achieve the objectives of the company. The problem when building a team building, some mental individuals are not able to confront it so that the mentally that has been built instantly collapses.

Here are some ways to build a team building without breaking the mental:

1.  Communication

The point of building a team building is communication. Building a team-building means building communication with fellow team members. Without communication, no message can be delivered. A message that can establish teamwork. Messages that include referrals, commands, suggestions, and opinions will make the work team dynamic. Also, well-established communication between fellow team members will make the team workable to interpret correctly the idea of the target company to be achieved.

2.  Clear targets

This is the function of communication. After having good communication, a team leader or leader needs to communicate a picture of the company’s target that will be achieved by the team members. Also, the team leader needs to communicate the period required and how the teamwork to achieve the process of achieving the target company.

Meanwhile, team members need to understand the objectives of the teamwork, namely to achieve the objectives of the company. They need to understand the expectations of the organization or company on them, and it depends on their work.

3.  Coordination

Teamwork that formed needs proper coordination of the leadership. Therefore, a leader is required to be able to provide direction to the team so that they can work by the focus to reach the target company. Also, good coordination is not only done by the leadership team, but also coordination or direct control of the company.

4. The controls

After having good coordination, it is necessary to control the leadership and team members. A team leader needs to affirm clear boundaries to team members in carrying out their mission. Also, team members need to advise or ask certain authorities to complete their work. Thus, good cooperation will be continuously awakened.

4.  Commitment

To facilitate the achievement of the target company, every individual in the team needs to be committed to their work. With this commitment, the teamwork that awakened will be more robust because of the awareness of every individual in the team.

To that end, a team leader needs to instill an understanding of each individual in the team that their role is crucial in carrying out a mission and achieving a predetermined target.