How to Settle in Your First House
on 17/05/2018

Buying a first home is an exciting event … and stressful! Switching from smaller to larger often means not having enough items to fill all the rooms, and having the feeling of having to make several important purchases at once. Follow our recommendations step by step from D-Day to the end of the first month to simplify furnishing your home.


Once the Sydney removals company have gone you’ll want to make sure the safety of the rooms in the house, especially if you have young children and / or pets. Are there multiple electrical outlets to cover? Are cables accessible? Do the stairs have a ramp? Is the basement finished? Identify which parts are dangerous (if any) and tell friends who are helping you where to go. Ideally, you will be able to supervise your children and / or pets until the day after D-Day. Otherwise, do not let them explore the house alone.

The boxes should have been placed in the least used room of the house respecting the colour code when unloading the truck. Start by unpacking the box of packaged household items identified the day before the move.

Clean the rooms that will be used most in the house (bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen). If you have more than one child, clean the living room first rather than the bedrooms and offer them to camp together the first night. Make the children (and you!) Relocate and move in the house as a positive and exciting adventure.

After cleaning the essentials, first unpack the appliances and make sure they work. Check that the different systems and services of the house also work (air conditioning, heating, water (hot and cold), telephone, electricity, …).

Unpack the boxes from the cleaned parts and unpack the other boxes if there is time. You should have planned the help of your loved ones in the aftermath of the move to finalise or even keep the children and / or pets.

If possible, take the time to put curtains, blinds or even sheets on the windows of the most used rooms, or do it the day after the move. Avoid attracting the attention of neighbours … and thieves!

The first week

Make a complete grocery shop once the kitchen is cleaned and installed. Do not buy a ton of perishable products the day after D day if several sealed boxes are still lying on the kitchen floor.

Complete the cleaning of the house in the first week of the move if possible. This will already allow you to feel well arranged.

Complete the installation of the most used parts first. For the rest, proceed piece by piece and in order of priority. For example, buying all the lights needed to light the entire house at once is probably not the best option for your budget. Start by clarifying the necessities and then continue the purchases during the first month, or even the first year. Give yourself time to settle!

In the same vein, wait several days, even weeks, before starting to decorate. Take the time to ask yourself what would enhance each room. Again, proceed in order of priority.

The first month

Unpack all moving boxes in the first month (ideally in the first two weeks) of your move to avoid discouragement.

Even if all rooms are not set-up in the first month (basement, office, garage, storage, etc.), make sure they are at least safe. Cover electrical outlets and cables, finish walls (plug holes if necessary), install missing doors to insulate some less used parts, etc.

Enjoy the first month of your move to start decorating.