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on 09/09/2021

The Tony Perotti leather-based items company is a well-established title within the leather-based merchandise business. Then again, we and our designers are extremely enthusiastic about understanding, upfront, what the response of ultimate customers would be—but not essentially to help us decide what to provide or not produce. Somewhat, these designers discover that having a wide range of pieces with small and refined traits that pull them collectively create a much more attention-grabbing dynamic.Italian Design

A novel design characteristic will be evident in the J&V Italian Design collection JV5x10, which will include 10 graphic designs created by 5 Italian designers (Paola Navone, Italo Lupi, Giulio Iacchetti, Diego Grandi e Matteo Ragni) selected to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Company.

In 2010, it opened one other storefront on 31st and Madison Avenue—a mere three blocks from the Johnson showroom—with an adjoining area for Minotti , an Italian firm whose merchandise DDC distributes within the United States. Central to Olivetti’s philosophy — and likewise to the designers that it employed — was that technology needed to be humanistic, not domineering, and even when creating an office product there ought to be touches of joy that enliven everyday duties.

Promoted by the Ministry of International Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with La Triennale di Milano, Italian Design Day aims at selling modern Italian design. All the J&V Italian Designcollections are offered in Europe, Asia, Canada and Russia, along with Italy by the Jannelli & Volpi showroom and thru the network of consumers.Italian Design

Throughout the dinner, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce will acknowledge The Best of Italian Design Award and honor the innovators that vastly contribute to bring the Italian design and excellence within the US. Our studio is small and we tried to create an open area that was as comfortable and familiar as potential.Italian Design