Keeping a Garden Pond in Tip-Top Shape
on 22/02/2020

Many homeowners choose to build a garden pond to embellish their outdoor space. However, they don’t always have a good understanding of this topic. Water gardens are not intended to be just another part of a garden. They are also meant to support aquatic life like marine plants and fish.
A lot of thought is required with managing aquatic plants. Some plants are vital in strengthening the ecosystem, and other plants may begin to pop up that are not of any use, sometimes even harmful to a pond’s ecosystem.
However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t maintain the development of specific plants. For example, cattails and many other coastline plants should not be allowed to grow indiscriminately as they might expand beyond the perimeter of your pond.
The good news is that there are many products that you can use to help keep unwanted weeds from taking over your pond. At first, there may be some weeds that are appealing, but once they begin to multiply, their dead brush will start to add to the sediment at the bottom, making it challenging for fish and other aquatic life to outlive. There are many herbicides available on the market, and choosing between a granular or liquid product will depend on whether or not you need to treat the entire water area or just a specific spot.
You may also use these types of products to go directly to the bottom of the pond to eliminate destructive weed without causing harm to your fish. Other weed killers may be sprayed on plants that grow over the waterline but can cause the dead plants to fall into the water. Whichever weed killer you decide to use for your garden pond, keep in mind that you need to remove the dead plants from the pond to avoid excessive silt collecting at the bottom of your pond.
The continuous movement if the water can help keep the water clear and stop the growth of moss in your pond. Furthermore, moving water helps prevent the development of algae and preserve adequate oxygen levels in your pond that are essential for the health of your fish. If you plan to use pumps and other types of pond aeration equipment, be sure that they have filters that can be replaced regularly.
Including a waterfall will aid with boosting oxygen levels in the water, and it will also enhance the beauty of your pond. A two or three-tier waterfall powered by a pump that pulls water from the pond will help with the clarity of the water. Pond fountains will also help to keep the water clear and the overgrowth of unwanted weeds.
To further enhance the look of your beautiful water garden, you may want to invest in a floating pond fountain with led lights. There are even pond lights with various color options. These lighting fixtures can be attached to the base of the fountain.