Minimalist Home Design With These 9 Tips!
on 11/03/2020

Increasingly limited land makes homes smaller, or often referred to as minimalist homes, becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, minimalist home designs are in demand by the public. However, that does not mean that small-sized houses are uncomfortable living. If you know tips and tricks for creating minimalist home designs, it’s easy to make your home more attractive.

There are nine tips to make your small home feel more comfortable, spacious, and look modern:

1. Maximize the Existing Space

Placing unnecessary objects in the house will only make the house narrower.

You can try to use a wall shelf to store books rather than a desk, or a TV rack that clings to the wall rather than an old model TV set that takes up space in your home.

2. Avoid excessive room divider

Creating a room divider must be considered when creating a minimalist home design. All you have to remember if the room divider is placed excessively will make the house more narrow. To overcome this problem, you can replace the wall insulation by using various furniture as a barrier.  For example, like the picture above, a simple shelf placement can provide a limiting function. You can also add an evaporative cooler so that your house looks more beautiful. By using an evaporative cooler, your home will be more cooling. For those of you who want to buy the best evaporative cooler variant at an affordable price, you can visit

3. Using the Right Color

Using white paint in your room can create a spacious impression on the place. Don’t use too many colors. The combination of white, light gray, and wood accents is the current trend. Design a house with simple and bright colors. You might try if you want to renovate the room or if you are currently buying a new residence.

4. Use a Mirror

The bigger the mirror, the better. Why? A mirror that has the characteristic of reflection will help create an optical illusion that makes the room appear even bigger than before.

Of course, it will be beneficial for your minimalist home, because it seems to add a new room at home.

5. Buy Unique Home Supplies

Now many different types of furniture are available, both in terms of design and color. A modern minimalist house also must have a concept of furniture or display that has a simple shape, but unique. You can see in the picture above there is a very minimal display of birds, but creates a different impression. You can also consider the model of the plant vase used in the picture. So, even though minimalist, you will not feel bored.

6. Proper Lighting and Air Circulation

If your house faces the sunrise, that is great because you can benefit from the morning sun. Besides being good for health, it can also reduce the humidity in the room. A wide window you can use to get optimal benefits. Also, lighting in the home must be regulated as well as possible. So the room will feel more spacious.

Also, make sure the air circulation is functioning correctly to prevent your home from being stuffy. By maximizing the use of air ventilation, you can also save on the use of air conditioners.

7. Distraction Objects

A large painting with an attractive picture will be the main focus of guests when they first enter the house. In addition to making your home more beautiful, this will also distract guests from the condition of your small home.

However, do not use large furniture to be placed on the floor, because this can take up a lot of space from your room.

8. Keep the House Clean

Like the explanation above, avoid using things that are not important in your home. If it is too piling up, it will create a complicated impression that will make the homeowner become bored and even stressed.

Pay attention to the placement of items by making a simple impression. Make conditions in such a way that makes it easier for you to clean the house. A clean house will make you feel happy and can avoid stress. Then, cleaning items such as mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, soap, and so on, you can also make a storage cabinet so that your room is still neatly arranged.

9. Design the Strait as Possible

If your simple minimalist home has stairs, make it as lean as possible. It will be useful to save space in your home. It recommended putting a ladder at the end so that it does not disturb the view and spends a place in the main room.

Design stairs in various directions you can try. The design of stairs in multiple directions can save space because straight stairs require more space, both on the floor below and above. The choice of L-shaped or circular stairs can be an excellent choice for you.