Why do I Use Adobe Lightroom to Edit Photos
on 10/02/2021

There are some who ask about the software I use to edit my photos. This is very surprising because according to a survey in America, 90% of professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos, and only 10% use Adobe Photoshop. Meanwhile, in Indonesia it seems the opposite, maybe even more extreme, namely 95% use Photoshop and only 5% use Lightroom.

There are many reasons why I like Lightroom, some of which are:

1. More Efficient or Save Time and Effort

Every time we do photo hunting, whether on a trip or an event, we usually take quite a lot of photos, sometimes tens or even hundreds of photos, therefore software that can edit photos quickly is needed. By using Lightroom, we don’t have to bother opening multiple photos and editing one by one like in Photoshop. We can monitor multiple photos at once, select photos and edit them.

2. The Interface is More Suitable for Photographers

The Adobe Lightroom interface is more suitable for photographers, for example, settings for light and dark, color, noise control, crop etc. are easier to reach and use than in Adobe Photoshop. There are also many options for preparing photos, we can adjust the size and resolution of the photo, and we can also make watermarks easily.

3. Quite Mighty and Feature Rich

Adobe Lightroom is not only for adjusting lightness, contrast, color, sharpening, but there are also very helpful functions such as spot removal to clean annoying spots like acne on the face, and the best part is an adjustment brush to edit only part of the area. from photos only.

4. Tethered Shooting

With Adobe Lightroom, we can connect the camera and computer with a USB cable, and then the pictures taken by the camera will enter Adobe Lightroom automatically. This is a very helpful thing for photographers who work in a studio, because by looking at the image directly on the monitor screen, they can see in detail the results of the photo.

5. Non-destructive Editing

Lightroom records all the steps we take in editing the image, so if we are not satisfied with the final image, we can easily return to the previous steps.

6. File Management

Apart from editing, Lightroom is also very helpful in terms of file management. We can organize and group our photos into categories or add labels, keywords (keywords) to a group or a photo. So when we want to find a particular photo, Lightroom can quickly help us find the photos we are looking for.

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